Agnieszka Mazurek – Design Studio

About me

  • Agnieszka Mazurek

    I was born in an industrial city and since my childhood I have been interested in the interpretation of the surrounding world with an artistic expression. The motto „if there is a will, there’s a way” has always epitomized my...

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Interior architecture and design

In the designing process I appreciate traditional means of expression so at the stage of concept I am accompanied by my sketchbook, dozens of mock-ups and… some chaos in my studio.

I am critical about my projects and I always seek the best solutions, which are as simple as possible but out of the ordinary. I try to follow my own path, so I avoid the latest trends or schemes. I am satisfied with myself when I find an interesting solution and when a project contains a dose of intrigue. My desire for perfectionism is ever-present during the entire process of designing. Yet, sometimes it involves crossing the deadline.

While designing I always try to experiment and play with forms. My job is my passion so I take all my projects seriously and I am pleased when the recipient’s expectations are satisfied.

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