Crean – Modular furtniture designed for IMS Group.

Crean has been designed for a young users (25+) – shaped for functional arrangement of a small apart- ment and also bigger space – composed of 5 modular elements in 3 different heights gives the possibility of creating numerous combinations.

  • allows flexible usage of space in modern apartments, gives the ability to change
  • allows to choose different materials and colors – gives more freedom in furnishing an apartment, combining items depending on needs
  • modular components alow to create furniture with form and function tailored to the user’s expectations
  • the ability to create individual compositions allows the customer to meet the unique and individual functionality
  • allows usage in places that are difficult to fill with stan- dard furniture such as: doors- side, hallways, corners, etc.
  • gives the ability to create unique compositions in sculptural form

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